Hoodworks Changes Gears to Face COVID-19 with the Tactical Wash (TW™) Mobile Handwashing Station

More than just a truck accessory, the TW™ is purposefully designed to OSHA standards with the health and safety of our country’s workers in mind.

(Portland, Oregon) Outdoor automotive accessory manufacturer Hoodworks has changed gears to keep pace with our rapidly-changing world.  Previously known for its innovative 4×4 truck products like the Geargate, Hoodworks is now making mobile handwashing stations to allow workers to stay safe wherever their vehicles take them.

When a City of Seattle, Washington employee contacted Hoodworks engineers in mid-April, citing newly-released COVID-19 guidelines from Governor Scott Inslee; they shared a need for a mobile soap and water solution that could cover for a crew of five workers with an unpredictable outdoor work schedule and no guarantee they’d have access to bathrooms!  Hoodworks got moving, and the TW™ concept was born.

In keeping with the stringent guidelines, the base TW™ allows a crew of five to each wash his or her hands every half hour during an eight hour workday and to collect the wastewater and soap as the water regulations require.

Demand has been incredible and Hoodworks is fielding a growing number of requests from across the country and beyond; and has shifted all its manufacturing and engineering capabilities to meet this urgent health need.

The original patent-pending TW™ is in production and available for sale here, stay tuned to Hoodworks on our Facebook and Instagram pages for more specialized models for all kinds of mobile trucks, vans (we hear you airport shuttles and schools) and buses.