We went with Ford but we love them all!

Ford’s marketing people have ensured that everybody knows the F-Series is the best selling truck in America. It has been king since the Carter administration. Since 2002 Ford has sold 11 million F-Series trucks in the U.S. and Canada.

If you circumnavigated the United States, starting southbound out of Seattle on I-5, took a left at LA and proceeded to Jacksonville on I-10, turned North on I-95, then turned back west at Boston and used I-90 to return to Seattle you would have traveled 7,750 miles. And if every F-Series truck built over the last 13 years were lined up end-to-end along your route you would be driving beside a continuous row of Ford trucks, five deep the entire way.

It’s mind-boggling and entertaining, but it’s also the reason Hoodworks has elected to design and beta test its first designs using Ford trucks – they are the truck more of you have than any other! We also genuinely like Ford trucks, however, we are truck agnostic here at Hoodworks. The truth is that we can find things to love about every truck on the market. We love that Ram was the first to market with a half-ton diesel. We appreciate that Nissan and Toyota are making Cummins power available in their trucks. We like the simple corner steps built into the bumpers on the latest generation GM trucks. And we love that Ford has not only gone to an aluminum intensive architecture, but has successfully leveraged the efficiency of turbocharging to deliver consumers improved fuel economy without payload or towing penalties. In fact, we believe that we live in a golden age for truck buyers. There have never been so many high quality choices.

Fortunately, full-size trucks are dimensionally similar across manufacturers. So although we are using F-150’s as our developmental vehicles, we will be ready to deliver GearGates from day-one for contemporary trucks from the Detroit Three, followed shortly thereafter by products for Toyota and Nissan trucks. If you don’t see your application listed on our site and you want one of our GearGates for your rig, please let us know. We take customer input into account when scheduling new product development!