Hoodworks exists to serve the needs of outdoor enthusiasts who value high quality, innovative products. We design, build, and market products that combine a meticulous, purposeful, local approach to design and manufacturing with a passion for sustainable business practices and a respect for the natural environment.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hoodworks has been looking for ways to bring our capabilities to bear to help those on the front lines of contact with the general public. As a result Hoodworks introduces the Tactical Wash (TW ™) , a custom no-touch aluminum water and foam soap station that enables a full day’s worth of handwashing for a crew of five, bolts to your truck’s bed rail or body and collects wastewater for safe disposal. More than just a truck accessory, the TW ™ is purposefully designed to OSHA standards with the health and safety of our country’s workers in mind.