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Hoodworks Changes Gears to Face COVID-19 with the Tactical Wash (TW™) Mobile Handwashing Station

More than just a truck accessory, the TW™ is purposefully designed to OSHA standards with the health and safety of our country’s workers in mind. (Portland, Oregon) Outdoor automotive accessory manufacturer Hoodworks has changed gears to keep pace with our rapidly-changing world.  Previously known for its innovative 4×4 truck products like the Geargate, Hoodworks is […]

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Hoodworks Launches GearGate™ for Toyota Tacoma

The revolutionary Hoodworks GearGate™ replacement tailgate System that works like a swiss army knife is now available for Toyota Tacoma. It has been an absolute whirlwind of activity since Hoodworks launched the GearGate™ GGS-CC1 just before Christmas.  Thousands of truck owners from four continents have come to us with strong interest, thoughts and wonderful ideas.  […]

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Adventure Vehicle Design Group Hoodworks Launches the GearGate™

Beautifully designed replacement tailgate system that will revolutionize how we think about tailgates. If innovation refers to the improvement of a product, what do we call an innovation so radical that it requires the complete reimagining of a product such that it no longer resembles the item it replaced? At Hoodworks we call it GearGate™. […]

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