Alpha GearGate™

Like most manufacturers, Hoodworks is building a series of developmental products to test and evaluate design concepts, functionality integration, and vehicle fitment, as well as to conduct quality assurance and manufacturing validation. The GearGate we are sharing first is an alpha series test unit we developed specifically to demonstrate and evaluate the functionality of our launch product, the Cycle Comp.

The alpha GearGate is our first test unit that integrates all six features slated for inclusion in the Cycle Comp into a single working unit. The process of creating this all-new product has not been without its setbacks, but we are proud to announce that the gate came together rapidly, all six features function together as intended, and the gate fit one of our test trucks like a glove. In fact, it is functioning so well we are having difficulty getting it back from one of our testers!

Our next step will be a three-part design and engineering evaluation that will result in various ECOs (Engineering Change Orders). First, we will conduct a FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) designed to identify potential weaknesses and address them with corrective action, all in the name of long-term durability and reliability. Second, we will evaluate all materials, fasteners, and sub-assemblies then select the final components for the first tranche of production units. Third, we will evaluate the appearance and aesthetics of the product. We will undoubtedly make adjustments based on this evaluation. We cannot predict what changes this process will bring, only that the next evolution of the design will inevitably include differences between what you see here and our final Cycle Comp GearGate.

Once our 360 degree design and engineering evaluation is complete and we have rendered the next evolution of the design in CAD, our first production model will be ready for production! We invite you to join us for the ride as we dig deeper into the design and engineering process. We are committed to an open process during which we will periodically share highlights and updates. We wish the Cycle Comp were ready for you today, but the process is critical and represents a journey of discovery for us as much as it does for you. We look forward to sharing the process with you and to receiving your feedback.