• Introducing the TW™

    Hoodworks introduces the Tactical Wash (TW™), a truck mounted, no-touch aluminum handwashing station to help control the spread of COVID-19 as America reopens.

  • Introducing the CW™

    Hoodworks’ Campus Wash CW™ is the one stop no-touch solution for outdoor handwashing near classrooms, corporate buildings, retail stores and entertainment venues. American-made, completely touchless, and built to last.



The New Normal Means Washing Hands on the Road

Front line mobile crews demand equipment to meet standards and stop the spread of COVID-19 (Portland, Oregon) Portland-based Hoodworks has launched a mobile hand washing station called the Tactical Wash (TW) for mounting on trucks that support work crews. Governments around the country are announcing new job site guidelines that include social distancing and hygiene […]

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