Pickup Truck Headquarters:”As someone who enjoys cycling I think this is great”

A new company out of Oregon is looking to change the way you use your tailgate. No longer will it be just a rectangle that keeps stuff in your bed but with their concept the GearGate Cycling Comp One the tailgate provides a substantial and convenient work space for cyclists. The GearGate Cycling Comp One has the following components:

  • Universal Bike (UB) Shaft for Open Dropout and Thru-Axle Bikes.
  • Custom American Internal and External LED Truck Bed Lighting
  • 18 Feet of Extreme Conditions Square Link Lock Chain from Pewag
  • Two Integrated Steel Bottle Openers
  • Nanuk 910 Medium Conditions-Proof Heavy Duty Toolbox
  • Dual Tactical-Grade Handles with OEM Latches
  • Handmade Steel and Aluminum Tube & Panel Construction
  • Made in Portland, Oregon, with All-American Components.

Hoodworks is offering the GearGate Cylcing Comp One through Crowd Supply now for $1,590 with a retail price that will eventually be $1,790. They’re also offering a GearGate Comp on Crowd Supply for $1,390 (retail $1,490) that’s the same less the UB-Shafts.

As someone who enjoys cycling I think this is great and while it’s not cheap the price isn’t bad. On the other hand though, this has some serious potential when considering other activities that the GearGate could be customized for. Hoodworks could outfit it for off-roading, overland and camping pretty easily and appeal to many different markets. In the video below they make mention of modular systems and targeting 40 outdoor sports.

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