Clad “This smart design comes with a trio of secure locking shafts, allowing you to transport three bicycles on the back of a pickup truck.”

If you’re thinking of transporting bicycles on a pickup truck, chances are, you’ll need to have some custom modifications done to ensure the bikes can securely set up on the truck. There’s, pretty much, no other option. Unless, of course, this GearGate Cycling Comp 1 actually hits the shelves, which allows you to replace your tailgate with one that’s designed to accommodate a trio of bicycles for transport.

Created by Hoodworks, it’s a replacement tailgate with an integrated storage and locking solution that allows you to secure up to three bikes on the back of the truck. No additional installations necessary – just switch in this new tailgate and your truck is ready to get on the road with a trio of bicycles in tow.

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