Work Site Safety

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  • The Tactical Wash (TW™)


    Hoodworks introduces the Tactical Wash (TW™), a patent-pending, custom no-touch aluminum water and foam soap station that enables a full day’s worth of handwashing for a crew of five, bolts to your truck, and collects wastewater for safe disposal.

    More than just a truck accessory, the TW™ from Hoodworks is purposefully designed to OSHA standards with the health and safety of our country’s workers in mind.

    Features Include:

    • Water and soap, no alcohol wipes
    • No-touch design
    • Anti-microbial brass fittings
    • Tap is self-cleaning spout ¼” wide
    • All wastewater is safely collected for disposal
    • Enough water for a 5-man crew to wash hands every 1/2 hour per guidelines
    • Capacity expandable to > 100 gallons
    • Fills in < 20 seconds with standard hose taps
    • Made in Portland, Oregon, USA
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