Hoodworks Launches GearGate™ for Toyota Tacoma

The revolutionary Hoodworks GearGate™ replacement tailgate System that works like a swiss army knife is now available for Toyota Tacoma.

It has been an absolute whirlwind of activity since Hoodworks launched the GearGate™ GGS-CC1 just before Christmas.  Thousands of truck owners from four continents have come to us with strong interest, thoughts and wonderful ideas.  From avid cyclists in particular, the most asked question was: Will Hoodworks please make the GearGate™ for my Toyota Tacoma?  Today we respond with an emphatic yes: officially launching the GearGate™ Cycling Comp Two (GGS-CC2) for Toyota Tacoma, with sales starting today on Crowd Supply.


With the same bike holding capacity and robust feature set as the full size unit and a list price of $1,390, the CC2 is aimed squarely at the compact truck owner that wants the best possible gear for his / her truck.  Additionally, the GGS-CC2 integrates some feature upgrades in this new GearGate™ as Hoodworks strives to create the ultimate product for its customers.

Keeping with our Crowd Supply launch ethos, we are selling the first twenty-five gates at an early-bird price of $1,090.   Deliveries will commence April 1, 2016.

Key new features for the Tacoma GearGate™:

  • Slimmer profile to better fit the look of the Toyota truck
  • Single, longer locking chain for easy gear security
  • Metal Top Rail and integrated bottle openers
  • Bedliner Style weather-resistant interior surface
  • Sealed top and side edges and corners
  • Upgraded static LED lighting system (top rail, bed interior, rear-facing)

Visit Crowd Supply for more product and purchasing information.

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