Production Update

August 16, 2016

Much has changed since we launched our first GearGate™ in December, and Hoodworks has grown a lot during that time.  We have added a number of design and and engineering experts with a deep well of experience (projects for Yakima, Gerber and Dansk to name a few), several of whom were so excited about what Hoodworks is doing that they bought into the company.  With these new team members has also come a new and improved design process, and we have dissected, rethought, retooled, and re-imagined just about every aspect of our products. 

Our design and production, while still 100% Made in the USA (and mostly in Oregon), has come to resemble something more like an iPhone than a common truck accessory.  We are taking great pains to obtain the maximum simplicity, durability, and quality while improving your outdoor truck experience.  This of course takes time, and while we are producing prototypes thick and fast here in Portland, we want to make sure the next generation GearGate™ lives up to vison and promise we all have for it.

The first production-ready product will be the GearGate™ Comp. The "original" sport agnostic GearGate, this will include 3-way LED lighting, a US-made combo safe for keys and a phone, remote locking, reverse camera integration, a remote locking goods case, a long locking LockStrap, and a bottle opener in a streamlined form factor that will open and close smoother than your original tailgate.  

As always, thanks for your interest and please don't hesitate to contact us with product/pre-order questions.

Matthew Bader
Founder & CEO
Portland, OR
  • “A custom tailgate made just for hauling mountain bikes”

    outsideOutside Magazine February 4, 2016
  • “The Gear Gate from Hoodworks gives you all kinds of functionality where your current tailgate only keeps stuff from falling out.“

    upscoutThe Upscout January 27, 2016
  • “Think of GearGate as the Swiss Army knife of tailgates, transforming the tailgate into a multi-use device worthy of the action adventure TV series “MacGyver.”

    portlandtribuneThe Portland Tribune January 22, 2016
  • “The Integrated Bike Rack and Features of the Hoodworks GearGate Will Make you Want a Truck!”

    bikerumorBike RumorJanuary 1, 2106
  • “The Hoodworks GearGate Cycling Comp Tailgate is Made for a Different Type of Off-Roading.“

    fordTRUCKFord-Trucks.comDecember 31, 2015
  • “The Hoodworks GearGate is to your stock tailgate what a Swiss Army Knife is to a standard knife. ”

    gearhungryGear HungryJanuary 14, 2016