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Hoodworks Launches GearGate™ for Toyota Tacoma

The revolutionary Hoodworks GearGate™ replacement tailgate System that works like a swiss army knife is now available for Toyota Tacoma. It has been an absolute whirlwind of activity since Hoodworks launched the GearGate™ GGS-CC1 just before Christmas.  Thousands of truck owners from four continents have come to us with strong interest, thoughts and wonderful ideas.  […]

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Adventure Vehicle Design Group Hoodworks Launches the GearGate™

Beautifully designed replacement tailgate system that will revolutionize how we think about tailgates. If innovation refers to the improvement of a product, what do we call an innovation so radical that it requires the complete reimagining of a product such that it no longer resembles the item it replaced? At Hoodworks we call it GearGate™. […]

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