Hoodworks exists to serve the needs of outdoor enthusiasts who value high quality, innovative products. We design, build, and market products that combine a meticulous, purposeful, local approach to design and manufacturing with a passion for sustainable business practices and a respect for the natural environment.

We are outdoor enthusiasts who look at vehicles as a means to an end. Yes, we are car and truck people too, but we do not approach vehicles as destinations unto themselves. We see vehicles as a conduit to adventure. They help us access places we could not otherwise reach and they provide us with independence to chase our passions. This perspective enables us to see vehicles differently. We don’t care if we are innovating inside or outside the box, as long as we are creating high quality, original products that make a positive contribution to your outdoor adventures.

At Hoodworks, product development is seen through an experiential lens. When we are camping, hiking, surfing, over landing or cycling we are thinking about how our gear functions and what would improve our experience. We are continually seeking opportunities to elevate our outdoor adventures through product innovation, and we welcome your input. Thankfully, we live in exciting times and we are not the only ones who think this way. From the built-in corner steps on one of our new trucks to an affordable drawer system that actually works, recent improvements large and small provide us all with real benefit. We love innovation almost as much as the outdoors and are thankful to be able to add our own products to the rich mix of gadgets, devices, solutions, and objects designed to improve life for adventurers and outdoors-people.

We are excited to begin by reimagining the tailgate. Not only because it is essentially an untouched component, but because its size affords a uniquely expansive canvas for creativity and variation. Please keep an eye on us, not only as we launch our first GearGate™, but as we expand into other specialized use-cases, and eventually into other product categories. Regardless of what we offer, we are commitment to include quality, care, and innovation in all of our products.